Illustration by Caesar Caberto Jr.

“Some days I am more wolf than woman, and I am still learning how to stop apologizing for my wild.” -Nikita Gill

Wolf & Woman is a documentary collective for those who identify as women, POC, and LGBTQ+ in Hawai’i. The collective is ran by Marie Eriel Hobro, a documentary photographer & filmmaker. Hobro created Wolf & Woman in 2018 with illustrator Caesar Caberto Jr. after realizing that their home was never portrayed realistically in national media and entertainment.

In addition to the creative work we do, we also organize community events and offer a free art program to youth in low-income and houseless communities. Being that some of us come from low-income communities ourselves, working with youth from similar backgrounds is something that we feel the most dedicated to.

We currently consist of over a dozen members on Oʻahu who are involved in various forms of visual art, journalism, writing, and community organizing. Together, we aim to tell compelling stories that erase the stereotypes often associated with our home. By having creatives from our respective communities doing this work, we believe that we can help promote true inclusivity both in our fields and in society.

Our collective can be commissioned for documentary film work (both long and short-form), documentary photo work, journalistic work, branded content, illustrations, animations, educational videos, written stories, portraiture and other forms of storytelling. 

Members of the collective can be contacted for work as a whole and individually. 



e-mail: wolfandwomancollective@gmail.com

google voice: (805) 769-8403